Blood Suckers - s/t 7"
Burial - ??? 7"
Drug Dogs - s/t 7"
Ill-Informed - Demo Tape
Jackals - Violence Is... 7"
Rash Tongue - s/t 7"
Sperm - Demos Tape
Sunshine Ward - Demo 7"
Vacant State - Chains 7"



New releases up for pre-order soon!

August 1st, 2014

After the summer some releases are at the pressing plant, expected for release on September, 1st:

New Boston Hardcore rager, taking influcenes from UK82, Totalitär and Japanese Hardcore. The band comprises 3/4 BRAIN KILLER personnel.

RASH TONGUE - s/t 7"

Another gnarly Boston band. Seven mangling tracks, putting together their own relentless brewage of straight-forward Swedcore, D-Beat and hints of USHC. Test pressing on this are expected really soon.

BLOOD SUCKERS - Night Of The Sadist 7"

You might remember the crushing Blood Suckers - Crush To Dust 12" from earlier this year?! Meanwhile they went on a small European tour with their brother in URBNANOIA and recorded a couple of new songs which will be released as a six song 7" next months as well. Two of them went to bandcamp already.

VACANT STATE - Chains 7"

Vancouver, BC, Canada residents are back with their third 7" E.P. After a self-released one and another 7" and 12" on DERANGED RECORDS they return with five new Oi!-infused Hardcore Punk Rock crackers. Bleak as reality, hard as boots.

More stuff soon!