Burial - ??? 7"
Concealed Blade - Demo 7"
Drug Dogs - s/t 7"
Red Death - Permanent Exile 12"


Annotation - s/t 7"
Annotation/Bent Cross - Split 7"
Blank Pages - s/t 12"
Blood Suckers - Night Of The Sadist 7"
Brain Slug - Distort New York 7"
Burial - Renegade 12"
Cheap Drugs - s/t 7"
Cheap Drugs - W.D.C. 7"
Cheap Drugs - Angst 12"
Chuck Damage - s/t 12"
Criaturas - Espíritu De Libertad 12"
Crusades - The Sun Is Down... 12"
Curbbite/Goldust - Split 7"
Dean Dirg - Verpisst 12"
Ill-Informed - Adapt Or Die Tape
Imaginary Dictionary - You can't spell... 12"
Imaginary Dictionary - James Brown... 7"
Jackals - No Solution 12"
Jackals - Violence Is... 7"
Kaivosurma - Porttiteoria 7"
Kremlin - Drunk In The Gulag 12"
Natural Law - Spring Trash 7"
Oblivionation - Cult Of Culture 7"
Omegas - Blasts Of Lunacy 12"
Overpower - s/t 7"
Press Gang - s/t 12"
Rash Tongue - s/t 7"
Short Fuse/Chuck Damage - Split 7"
Snøb - Exploit Me 7"
Sickoids - s/t 12"
Sickoids - No Home 12"
Slang - Life Made Me Hardcore 12"
Sperm - Demos Tape
Sunshine Ward - Demo 7"
The Brass - Demo Tape
The Now-Denial - F.Y.B. 7"
The Sentenced - Out For Blood 7"
Vacant State - Chains 7"
Vogue - Pompshit 12"
Wiccans - Field II 12"




March 25th, 2015

RED DEATH - Permanent Exile LP

Finally the RED DEATH - Permanent Exile 12" is up for preorder. We expect the record to be here in late April. After their stellar demo from 2014 Washington DC's RED DEATH managed to pull up nine new tracks that combine the raw energy of classics like early CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, DISCHARGE and POISON IDEA. You can now preorder on limited red or regular black color wax from our webstore. U.S. residents can get their fix directly from the always great Grave Mistake Records. Check out the title track of their LP on RED DEATH's bandcamp.

BLANK PAGES - No Reception 7"

Most likely the last record before the band calls it a day. Two songs recorded on in Portland during their last US tour last year. Last chances to catch them live:

03.04. POL/ Warsaw @ Klubojadalnia Eufemia
04.04. CZE/ Brno @ Vegalite
05.04. AUT/ Vienna @ Arena Beisl
06.04. GER/ Erlangen @ Juha
07.04. GER/ Esslingen @ Komma
08.04. GER/ Leipzig @ Zoro
09.04. GER/ Potsdam @ Black Fleck
10.04. GER/ Hamburg @ Gun Club
11.04. GER/ Rheine @ Trinkhalle
12.04. GER/ Hannover @ UJZ Korn
17.04. Berlin @ Kastanienkeller (farewell show!)

Anyway their final limited 7" is available now through the Hardware Records Webstore or at one of their shows posted above.

IMAGINARY DICTIONARY - James Brown Is Not Dead 7"

Five new tracks from these Ghent/Belgium residents exploring limits through adding a noisier and rawer direction leading to a trancendental, hateful powerhouse of a 7". If you liked VOGUE when they were around and can get along with VOID you should go apes for this, HIPPY BITCH! A couple of limited copies on amber colored wax are left in our webstore. After getting their gear stolen in some sketchy rathole, the band demands your support. So if you're able to put up a show, don't hesitate to get in touch with the bois.

CHEAP DRUGS - Angst 12"

Antwerp/Belguim spilled out these guys a couple of years ago and two 7"es later they finally got together to record their debut 12". Desperate and bleak as the the album title and artwork suggests. Twelve rocking, thrashing sometimes moshing crackers assembling influences from DEAD STOP, FUCKED UP, VOGUE and "Tied Down"-era NEGATIVE APPROACH. Yellow wax available in limited quantities.


New releases finally up for sale!

December 1st, 2014

After tons of pushbacks especially manufacturing the tapes all new releases are available at last:

New Boston Hardcore rager, taking influcenes from UK82, Totalitär and Japanese Hardcore. The band comprises 3/4 BRAIN KILLER personnel.

RASH TONGUE - s/t 7"

Another gnarly Boston band. Seven mangling tracks, putting together their own relentless brewage of straight-forward Swedcore, D-Beat and hints of USHC. Test pressing on this are expected really soon.

BLOOD SUCKERS - Night Of The Sadist 7"

You might remember the crushing Blood Suckers - Crush To Dust 12" from earlier this year?! Meanwhile they went on a small European tour with their brother in URBNANOIA and recorded a couple of new songs which will be released as a six song 7" next months as well. Two of them went to bandcamp already.

VACANT STATE - Chains 7"

Vancouver, BC, Canada residents are back with their third 7" E.P. After a self-released one and another 7" and 12" on DERANGED RECORDS they return with five new Oi!-infused Hardcore Punk Rock crackers. Bleak as reality, hard as boots.

JACKALS - Violence Is... 7"

Follow up to their 12" earlier this year. More mean, ripping, politically aware Hardcore!

SPERM - Demos 7"

Calgary's notorious hate mongers turn their ugly heads on a tape compiling both of their demos. This one's limited to 100 copies.

ILL INFORMED - Adapt Or Die Tape

ILL INFORMED represent the new Texican breed from San Antonio. Blown-out, spiteful, tough as nails. Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff soon! Tape is limited to 100 copies

More stuff soon!