Burial - ??? 7"
Drug Dogs - s/t 7"
Vacant State - ??? 7"


Annotation - s/t 7"
Annotation/Bent Cross - Split 7"
Blank Pages - s/t 12"
Brain Slug - Distort New York 7"
Burial - Renegade 12"
Cheap Drugs - s/t 7"
Cheap Drugs - W.D.C. 7"
Chuck Damage - s/t 12"
Criaturas - Espíritu De Libertad 12"
Crusades - The Sun Is Down... 12"
Curbbite/Goldust - Split 7"
Dean Dirg - Verpisst 12"
Drug Dogs - Demo Tape
Imaginary Dictionary - You can't spell... 12"
Jackals - No Solution 12"
Kaivorsurma - Porttiteoria 7"
Kremlin - Drunk In The Gulag 12"
Natural Law - Spring Trash 7"
Oblivionation - Cult Of Culture 7"
Omegas - Blasts Of Lunacy 12"
Overpower - s/t 7"
Press Gang - s/t 12"
Short Fuse/Chuck Damage - Split 7"
Snøb - Exploit Me 7"
Sickoids - s/t 12"
Sickoids - No Home 12"
Slang - Life Made Me Hardcore 12"
The Brass - Demo Tape
The Now-Denial - F.Y.B. 7"
The Sentenced - Out For Blood 7"
Vogue - Pompshit 12"
Wiccans - Field II 12"



Snøb 7" and The Brass - Demo Tape available now!

May 15th, 2014

Two new releases are ready to roll:

HWR-057 SNØB - Explit Me 7"
EAfter a stunning demo last year SNØB mangaged to crank out six more tracks for their debut 7". This sounds like if SS DECONTROL's Springa had a drinking orgy session with IMPACT UNIT in HERESY's rehearsal room in Britain 1984. All tunes are full tilt Hardcore blasts to slam and skank by. Blue vinyl limited to 100 copies.


Fist pumping Skinhead Hardcore from Vancouver, Canada. FFO: NEGATIVE FX and BLITZ. Their self released demo sold out so quickly we decided to put out 50 more copies with different layout.

Just yesterday the OBLIVIONATION - Language Of Violence LP has arrived from Spain. ANTITODO put this out in an edition of 250 copies. Total rager.

Buy here: http://www.hardware-records.com/catalog/

Jackals 12", The Sentenced 7", Oblivionation 7" and Drug Dogs Tape out!

April 4th, 2014

Finally an update on the label side of things:

HWR-053 JACKALS - No Solution 12"
Embracing influences from a wide variety of worldwide Hardcore, JACKALS dropped a bomb on their debut 12". The 7" already was a blast, but this one nails it to the cross. Fierce, negativity-ridden, stop'n go hardcore and top-notch artwork make this a sick release.

HWR-054 THE SENTENCED- Out For Blood 7"

Outstanding debut of one of the tightest new bands from Texas. This is their demo pressed on vinyl, the recordings were too great to be left on an obscure tape alone. Hippie-stomping Skinhead Hardcore at it's best. Slam your neighborhood while listening to this!

HWR-055 OBLIVIONATION - Cult Of Culture 7"

Their fantastic demo tape from last year already took my attention, let alone these guys include ex-OUT COLD personnel cranking out some nasty Hardcore I couldn't resist putting this gem out for Europe. US-vinyl is availabel at MAN IN DECLINE RECORDS.


This seems to be the first Straight Edge band on Hardware ever. When I first heard them I was blown away by sheer anger and their blunt violent approach. I can't stop listening to this, so we decided to put this monument of frustration to 100 pro-made tapes. A 7" on Hardware is already on the brink.

As for distro things I finally got the GUTTER GODS - Innersence LP in the distro now!!! It took ages to receive these from the US, but they finally landed and I'm able to ship in the next few days. Thanks a lot to every one who pre-ordered and had that much patience! If you're in need I have limited quantities of those 100 copies I had left.

Buy here: http://www.hardware-records.com/catalog/

Cheap Drugs 7" and Imaginary Dictionary 12" out now!

October 1st, 2013

We got two new Belgian arserippers out now for your hammering pleasure:

Follow up to their demo/7" earlier this year. After months of extensive live presence they managed to record five exclusive, new, stomping ragers. All 500 copies on clear wax.

HWR-052 IMAGINARY DICTIONARY - You can't spell... 12"
New band comprising the other 50% of VOGUE incl. the singer Bounce and Pieter on guitar plus the remains of BLACK HAVEN. Continuing where the last VOGUE record left off. 400 on black wax. 100 on red.

Buy here: http://www.hardware-records.com/catalog/


June 14th, 2nd 2013

Due do extreme retardness and slackness, here's the info on the last few new releases at last. All thriller, no filler:

The last few days of the SICKOIDS European tour are rolling. They are amazing live so get your lazy bums to one of their shows.

At the plant:


Five new releases available.


April, 2nd 2013

Not many words here as time is short. We have a couple of new ill stuff out now and available:

HWR-041 CHEAP DRUGS - s/t 7"
HWR-042 OVERPOWER - s/t 7"
HWR-043 KREMLIN - Drunk In The Gulag 12"
HWR-044 SICKOIDS - No Home 12"

You can check all of our new releases (at least parts) on our bandcamp site. There are two new crackers in the making already. I expect these to be ready for each their tours. BURIAL will hit the East Coast of the United States in late April/May 2013. BLANK PAGES will do some German dates in May 2013. Also prepare for the SICKOIDS European tour in May/June 2013. Visit their site for most recent activities and dates!


At the plant:

HWR-046 BURIAL - Renegade 12"
HWR-047 BLANK PAGES - s/t 12"
HWR-048 CRIATURAS - 2nd 12"

New stuff out for some time.


September, 28th 2012

Finally I got some time for an update which is almost outdated already. This summer was really busy and not too easy to handle. Therefore I apologise if anyone of you had inconveniences with receiving orders late. Thanks to everyone for their patience. I try to keep up with incoming orders as quick as I can.

As you might have heard five new releases came out in the last few weeks. It's the ADOLF HILTER KLAN - Demo 7", the SURF NAZIS MUST DIE - Demo 7", NATURAL LAW - Spring Trash 7", the WICCANS - Field II LP and the BLANK PAGES - Blind Faith 7". Some of them been pressed on colored vinyl. Check here for pressing details. Some of it is already sold out, some is not. If you want to check out their sound head to our Bandcamp page.


Up next on the plate are a split 7" between ANNOTATION and BENT CROSS which has been sent off to the plant and a new OVERPOWER - tba 7" which just has been mastered! Keep your eyes peeled for more holy crap like a new KREMLIN 12"!!!

KREMLIN - Will You Feed Me? 7" out now.

May, 30th 2012

This is a new Toronto outfit. Five recent slaps recorded after their two devastating demo tapes from last year. Think parts less distorted early DISCHARGE, parts TERVEET KÄDET with hints of Japanese noisecore mongers THE SEXUAL or early SODOM as heard on ADK Omnibus. This band comprises MOLESTED YOUTH and SCHOOL JERKS personnel! I uploaded the record on my new Bandcamp. 600 copies were pressed, 100 on white wax.

At the plant are SURF NAZIS MUST DIE - Demo 7", ADOLF HITLER KLAN - Demo 7" and NATURAL LAW - Spring Trash 7". Test presses are expected real soon!

SICKOIDS - s/t 12" and new SHORT FUSE T-Shirt out now.

April, 24th 2012

Punishing debut LP by one of the best new hardcore bands to come around in years! An unrelenting, dark, and ultimately raging record that combines the brutal edge of a DIE KREUZEN mixed with the hardcore melody of a ARTICLES OF FAITH and the fierce vocals of early POISON IDEA. Yet this band sounds new and fresh and not attempting to ape past hardcore genres.

SICKOIDS have an incredible driving sound that is harsh but also has a intense controlled chaos. The rhythms are fierce and hit with procession and are brilliantly matched with the chorus style guitar that hits like a knife in the chest. This recording just pounds away at the listener and barely gives you a chance to breath. Tracks like "My Curse", "Psychic Cold War", "Bleached Bodies" jump off the record as each song blurs into the next. This dynamic three piece is made up of Vince and Rob from WITCH HUNT and Eric from GOVERNMENT WARNING and DIRECT CONTROL. SICKOIDS are an amazing live band so do not miss your chance to see these guys and pick this record up! Poster included! US residents order from RESIDUE RECORDS please! White wax limited to 100 copies. An European Tour is planned as well!

In other news there's an exclusive, rad new SHORT FUSE shirt design available at limited numbers. The artwork is top-notch as is the quality of the shirt. It will be available in a week or so, but can be preordered at the webstore.

CRUSADES - The Sun Is Down... 12" and BRAIN SLUG - Distort New York 7" out now.

December, 8th 2011


The fantastic CRUSADES - The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In 12" has finally seen the light of day. It was joint-released with our friends at SABOTAGE RECORDS and comprises ten anticlerical yet satanic Pop Punk pearls. Limited to 500 copies. Members of SEDATIVES, CREEPS and STEVE ADAMYK BAND. Catch them on tour in Europe in 2012!

The debut 7" of NY's BRAIN SLUG entitled "Distort New York" is also finally out now! It has five all new tracks of 80's Boston and NY-infected Hardcore Punk. Pardon me for the delay in delivery, but we had issues concerning the reproduction of the sleeves.

Also the DEAN DIRG - Verpisst 12" is back in stock at last!

Enter Webshop for regular and limited stuff!

New postage rates as of January 2011

December, 31st 2010

The German Post is changing postage rates again. As for international orders overseas shipping has been decreased a lot. Shipping an LP is even cheaper than it is inside Germany now. Amazing but pretty good news if you ask me. On the other hand EU shipping has been increased marginally. Check the table below for more specific info.

Have a great 2011, thanks a lot to everyone who I worked with or ordered stuff from me in the past. Stay in touch and keep your eyes peeled for new stuff on Hardware Records!